Of new experiences and our conduct

After being in the new place for almost 3 months now, the social life is beginning to tickle. We go out meet up with friends, gossip, go to pubs, grab a beer or mocktail {as the case may be}, eat something, shop etc etc. I strongly feel the frequence of such activities is directly proportional to what you feel and think about youself. Over dose of everything is bad. We cant have conrtol over some of them, but those some should not tarnish your health and image among people at large.

If you try to nibble a friend out, he/she may feel that you are getting annoyed for nothing or its normal, i dont do it everyday, stop nagging me, dont exaggerate and the like. But like a dutiful friend, one cannot release the claws, you got to get him/her back. I know its not a regular feature to go out drinking, but people and place do matter, dont they??

Leave them apart, think about yourself, and realise the situation before people lose it big time on you {on the particular issue}. If friends care only then they nag, if they dont bother, the will ot even question.


5 thoughts on “Of new experiences and our conduct

  1. ahem ahem!!!! why use a blog??? its better to be direct BUT put it wrord-perfect. The biggest challenge and success is making ppl understand what u want to say without creating misunderstandings. Are you game??? 😛
    love ya 🙂

  2. well Delta 1…sometimes words are too less to express the sudden rush of feeling that are in your heart and mind. Its for the person in question to start striking the right chords.
    I am not saying its unpardonable, its just that I am unwilling to try harder 🙂
    If my point is not well justified, i am not Delta 1 though, dont judge me!!

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