Yesterday one of the TV channel’s was showing Devdas, the one directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. It’s a story of lovers, soulmates for life, Paro and Devdas. Though the name Devdas is synomymous with drunkards who fall prey to it after losing in love. Yes it is true that Paro and Devdas could not get a life they wanted. But they both had great faith in the love that kept them going even though they were ripped apart by time, relatives and society.


 Coming on to the reason why I am writing about this movie is that, it s a magnumopus saga. It is so beautifully made and potrayed that evey dialogue touches the right chord.


The emotion is complimented by background score, costume and sets. This has been by far the most beautifully set movie in the history of Indian Cinema.  [you may differ but i feel it is]

I have always waited the see Madhuri Dixit paint the tinsle town red. She is absolutely stunning in the movie. And guess what I remember the dialogues hehehehehe 🙂

More later

Have fun 🙂


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