Traffic, Van full of Policemen, One way and Me

have you ever imagined what is the level of difference between you and the POLICEMEN? Let me tell you its way beyond the normal distance. Imagine this…You and you friend are cruising through the slow traffic in the second lane…and you gotta head straight. in the third lane, a police van is stationed. The signal goes green and since you are the first one in the line, you try to zoom and cover as much distance as you can. But all of a sudden, the police van turns left…..


It is bound to happen. But to your surprise, you are labelled to be at fault. Though the police van didnt give a signal nor a horn nor a hand gesture. The hostile Policeman comes charging towards you and understands that since you are a civilian and A GIRL….you can be intimdated…

I in turn asked him to talk properly because if his car would have been in my place, he would have asked the same questions. He kept on going and then some cheapy looking policemen joined him, who were moreΒ  interested in BIRD WATCHING. they all were of the opinion that i was at fault. I also agreed coz i am not the one in power…they are!! What a pity, the police use their uniform to stoop to any level possible and get the benefit.

I dont know if i did right or wrong but i slammed the door of my car even when he was talking to me because i refuse to let people stare at my chest. When the driver returned to the seat, he turned the indicator on and moved on!!!

How convenient for them and what a loss to the Public….


9 thoughts on “Traffic, Van full of Policemen, One way and Me

  1. Hi Purvi,

    I can fully understand the kind of ordeal that you would have to go through…and its really a shame that thousands of women have to go through the same ordeal everyday..police though I wont like to generalize,today are no more than harrassers in uniform,who only now how to misuse there power..this is an example of the sorry state of affairs in our country.

  2. Purvi!!! he he he… nice name πŸ˜›
    looks like blogging is becoming a second nature for u πŸ™‚
    watch out for the typos though!!
    your friendly neighbourhood DELTA1 πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

  3. Hi!
    The ‘been there, bore that’ saying fits me like a glove in this situation.

    Considering that i ride a bike registered in UP, in B’lore, i end up meeting up wid d policemen, even if i dont break any law.

    They sure know how to make a mockery of everything!

    P.S: Thanks for visiting the blog and posting a comment. Finally someone read it! πŸ˜€

  4. Well ..wateva happened wid u was wrong and unjustifiable ..but still …thrz much more to policemen that wat v jus c in public life..v always tend to blame police for corruption , unwarranted abuse ..and half of our society’s ills .
    I ve always hated policemen and the way they(supposedly!!??) do their job .I m not writing this coz i admire policemen or something since my dad happens to one of them ,but coz i’ve experienced a lot of aspects of a policeman’s life quite closely .This isn’t a sympathy stunt or something .I hope i m able to find some time soon to share a few of those experiences …

    Nyways i m a new visitor to ur blog πŸ™‚ ..and bangalore as well πŸ™‚

  5. i truly agree to what u say…
    but i am angry at the undue privileges that the Policemen are under the liberty to take…..
    thats all…
    my extended family has had someone serve as the Jailor of the Tihar Jail during Independence struggle…
    i am all Ga Ga about him and the similar cases… πŸ™‚

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