Stationery Fanatic :) and relationships linkages

Letter padlooking for a yellow a4 sheet???? or a powder pink, sea green, or how about the tree leaf green? If you can understand what im trying to say you can appreciate my fanaticsm for stationery. I have almost 4 colors of envelopes, tens of pens in different color inks, letter pads- onion finish, cute animal prints, etc etc etc….

Its overwhelming for me to be in a stationery store…and question myself “why was i not born in this decade?” There are soo many things that are available for the kids….colorful, printed, scented and full of life.

I believe such beautiful things will allow kids to do well at school etc…but my cousins prove the contrary…thay say that till the time these beautiful things are on the shelves but thay cease to be so…once the kids know thay are his/her own.

Isn’t it true for the relationships….we find it soo romantic and beautiful when our friends or even strangers are snuggling and are so much in love. but we cant stop cribbing when we have the same in our life…

Why do things seem lipid which once upon a time were full of life??? I am not saying it happens to all of us..but some of us yes its definately true. 🙂


Happy hunting for the perfect relationship…and for me i will look for some stationery  🙂






7 thoughts on “Stationery Fanatic :) and relationships linkages

  1. yeah!!! gang of what???!!! 😀 😛

    good writing kiddo… about the stationary thing…

    maybe 5 years down the line when i’ve enuf money in the green bags, i’ll gift u a himalaya book shop…
    i’m imagining your state when u’ll enter it 😛
    love ya..

    whos DELTA1??? 😛

  2. Pallavi,
    Your love for stationery, colouring of hair, etc symbolize the kid in you and the confidence which you potray from your other posts (PoliceVan, High regards fo self esteem and relationships) shows the depth and variety of your emotion. A deep thinker, with “Snazzy presentation of Thoughts”…..A perfect recipe for a Promising Future….way to Go.
    Keep up the Good work.

  3. can i join that club? 😉

    yeah i love stationery too (and i too envy the kids who will get to play with the M.A.D kits that look so attractive to me 😛 ) …and thats a really nice thought, about relationships. And i like the pics that you have bothered to go and search for too 🙂 Nice post

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