My heart goes out to the homemakers :)

I now respect every home-makes in the wide wide world. Its a humongoustask and a thankless one too. You have to get up atleast 2 hours before you got to get ready for work. Clean, Cook, Eat, Organize, Check, Get ready and all this along with looking ever fresh. When they reach home from work again, they got to pick the momentum from where they had left in the morning. Its NOT AN EASY JOB.

I too go through the same cycle everyday and consider myself lucky that at least i have the basic amenities in place [thanks to my dad who got me a LOT of stuff while i was at work].

Lets try and thank our mothers at least let alone the domestic help that we have for making our life better and helping us work well in our fields.


Adios 😀


3 thoughts on “My heart goes out to the homemakers :)

  1. I accept every word of it. It really is a Herculian task which mothers do so easily ans still are never thanked for!! I realy appreciate their good deeds!

  2. man i cant agree enough on this… hats off to our mothers n sisters who are really the women behind our success…
    As for me, I’ll have to be my own homemaker for atleast an year… chennai doesnt have much options i fear 😀 (no rhyme intended 😛 )

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