Abusive Relationships

What is Abuse??? Physical. emotional, sexual, betrayal, intimidation, slapping, hurting, threats etc etc….

then what is a Relationship? Its a bond of caring for each other and being together till time does them apart.

So how does this bond get abusive??? We have heard so many incidents of Marital Rape or date abuse, and similar werched forms of abuse. Sometimes we mistake the abuse as care, intense feelings or even it may seem flattering. But deep down we all know something is not right…. and this something is what needs to be identified and set straight.

To start with identifying the causes and pre emptive precautions we need to understand the core of relationships. It’s a beautiful experience but both the people need to respect a few things:

1. Themselves

2. Each other

3. The relationship.

Respect is one of the pillers of the relationship which gives not only a backbone but also a security to the people involved directly and indirectly. When the basic idea is  in poace it becomes a beautiful experience. I have been in 2 relationships and i must have dont something right to get guys who will hurt themselves to save me from being hurt…….i know its like a dream come true…. 🙂

coming back…..Although men also suffer from domestic abuse and violence, women are five to eight times more likely than men to be victimized by an intimate partner.

Abusers regularly deny the abuse or rationally try to justify it. Its our responsibility to make sure that we put the point across of having the right to be treated well. I presonally feel its a personal decision that we take for ourselves. And i am not saying that i support the abuse or the abuser but i hold the victim responsible for letting that happen to him or her.

I know love is blind….it must have een true for both sides or may be one side only. But only the fact that you are in love does not justify the act.

Think About it!!!


5 thoughts on “Abusive Relationships

  1. Sometimes it’s really hard to understand that you’re being abused. I might think I am sometimes because of what I feel but how do I know that I don’t exagerrate? I’m living in the emotional prison but I can’t change things. Because he’s such a good person…but I really have enough of him giving me excuses or telling me he’d change. If I leave him, he could do something really really bad to himself. Do I have a way out?
    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog 🙂

  2. I didn’t really get these lines of yours: “Sometimes we mistake the abuse as care, intense feelings or even it may seem flattering. ”

    Truly said “I know love is blind….it must have een true for both sides or may be one side only. But only the fact that you are in love does not justify the act.”

    In fact, doesn’t the act of abuse mean that it’s end of the relationship. There can’t be abuse when there’s love.

    Good right. Keep it up 🙂

  3. Hi Haresh!!
    thanks for dropping by and generously dropping the compliment.
    By those lines i meant, as a Female, we are disturbed by the abusive relations, but we also hope that this too shall pass. 🙂
    I can vouch for a large society of women, Indians or Abroad, women need to believe that the love still exists in some measure….be it miniscule.


  4. I guess you mean to say that even after a relationship has turned abusive, albeit for a while only, larger section of women still believe that love still exists.

    Well, each one in a relationship has to do some compromise at one point of time or the other. It’s just inevitable.

    Here the question is how much of ‘abuse’ can be considered normal? How much of it can you take? Well, the answer may differ from person to person.

    Is it that women (or in rare cases men) continue to believe that love still exists just as a consolation to themselves mainly because they don’t have a choice?

  5. Hi…
    good observation, but its the women who undertake major responsibility to keep up the consistency in the relationship for many reasons like family, children, social, work pressures etc etc. all i am trying to say is when it becomes unbearable, its best to part ways but for the larger good,she may opt for the other way out like dealing with it.

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