The Dying Humanity

Curfew imposed after India blasts

Curfew in Jaipur, 8 blasts confirmed

Serial bomb blasts leave 60 dead in India

HuJI may be behind Jaipur blasts: Sources

PM speaks to Rajasthan CM, assures all help

Red alert in Haryana following Jaipur blasts

Pakistan condemns Jaipur terror bombings

Jaipur in the grip of fear

Curfew imposed in Pink City after deadly blasts


Good Morning Wounded India……I am not here to repeat the details of the atrocious and inhuman deed. But yes i am here to remind the Indians that their homes are not secured…by all means. No matter how much security you have around you, no matter how sophisticated technology you use, when terror strikes…there are no boundaries.

I always believe that there are warning signals before an attack is planned and executed. Its not a one night affair….its has a brain behind it, and mind it its a lethal one. When bombings take place we all wish that all our near ones are safe, but we forget that the ones who are dead or injured or traumatized are away from us by only 6 degrees. {remember the law of 6 degrees of separation}

Like i said, i am not trying to make things worse here, but i am trying to evoke empathy for the hurt [both mentally and physically].  Even i would have ensured that my family and extended family is safe.

Why cant the normallife have the element of Criminal Intelligence like Aamir Khan and his team in Sarfarosh. Every criminal leaves some trace behind him and that can be the link to the prevention of the crime. Where did the so called informers and the intelligence agencies go? We also land up questioning that why my city and the like…..let it be any city for that matter….its the country that is wounded.

We also need to appreciate that no matter how many mistakes the Government does, its major resources goes in the rehabilitation of the people and infrastructure that is severely damaged. At the end we all are at fault at some level or the other. But terrorism has no end, no faith and no fear. Its idiosyncrasy to the max…thats all!!!

There is an abrupt end to the post….because life ends like that too for some  of us.



2 thoughts on “The Dying Humanity

  1. i have the same feelings but remembering that the terrorists do all this for a reason, where is the reason here??? no hindu festival or or anything of the sort….no government involvement (vidhansabha or some high profile person)
    so then what was the reason???

    just to kill n see blood everywhere??? i don’t understand !!!!!!!! a city known for its peacefulness has been raped so brutally and i don’t know what were the intelligence agencies doing all this time???????

    n to think that this is not the first time…..our country keeps getting raped by these blood-thirsty terrorists and we talk about it for some time and then till the next blast, its no more thoughts for all this and we go back to our lives!!

    when will this change??? can’t say anymore……………

  2. thanx for the insight aparna.
    my be the blast is an awakening to the people and government that even unlikely of places are not safe.

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