House Hunting…. phew

the last week passed really soon and i hardly remember about it :(………. firstly thankfully i didn’t have much work at office [my boss was not in town] secondly i was looking for an accommodation. trust me if you have some reservations about the house, you will not find a house easily. 😛

we bought a free ad’s newspaper which is an excellent source of information of anything you want to buy, sell, rent or lease in face various services that you wish to put up for sale. after a host of calls for unfurnished, semi furnished, newly constructed, independent, PG and the like…we landed up at 2 terribly shady locations….i got really scared after the whole thing.

the next day i landed up at a newly constructed place…at a secluded area……it was unfurnished lonely and spooky…

finally yesterday i landed at a place bout 3 km from my office, at the ring road and highway to Hyderabad. it has almost everything one can think to live humanly.

fridge, beds, mattress, pillows, aquaguard, study, wardrobe etc etc etc

all in all i’m happy. will shift on saturday 🙂

ltes see what we have in store for ourselves


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