What to write/talk/reply/do/think??

have you ever come across a similar situation like that in the title??? or is it an insanity syndrome that can be named after me?? well jokes apart……its really strange how one can go completely blank sometimes. its the best time to take a nap…may be!!! but  is the issue addressed???? im sorry to say, its not even touched.

according to me, when the mind is tired of the dimensions we give it, it starts to fade most of it. it porbably goes to hibernation. that would be a demented explainiation from a non science student. another explaination that i have says that at times we doonr want to respond but the brain keeps nagging us to do so. then our not so active part of brain steps in and wants us to start a fresh. phew..i hope i am clearly defining what i want to say.

similarly, while having lunch a few min back i told myself to write about something but that something was not defined….hence i thought i will write about this unknown…

hope the reader will help me find it 🙂



One thought on “What to write/talk/reply/do/think??

  1. Hi 🙂
    I would rather call this ‘catatonia’. I’ve had such moments recently. Too many things happen and then suddenly you just feel nothing at all. My remedy is music, something that reminds you of nothing or just the moments of joy…

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