My Tryst with Oracle

Oracle typically means : a divine communication or revelation. For an MBA Graduate to be picked by an esteemed organization like this is wonderful and heartfelt. Today as i sit at my desk working on the official laptop amongst the strage language of IT, i feel how will i fit in here??

the organization which is the dream of IT engineers and the allied is my second home. Amongst the trials and turbulations i find a relief…….a relief that i have made so many happy by this one achivement. I have to keep it us so that the twinkle in the eye of my loved ones remain.

my life is at a juncture where i cannot look back nor let anything pull be back. as i walked in i saw at one of the cubicles there was mentioned “Star of the Quarter”……that my friends is my first target. i wish i am a consistent performer and overall a more responsible team player.

having left all behind me…..there is a vacume and i hope my work is that refill. i dont shy from work but i need directions and motivation.

i am not willing to compromise on a few things and hope i am not asked to. the past few days ahve been mixed for me…..i have no pre concieved notions about the work….hence i offere myself like a clean slate…….all set to wirte a new chapter afresh..

i promise to keep up writing at the blog. till the next time……

take care


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