My Farewell Speech At IBS :)


the speech below was the one i has planned to read for my farewell which was yesterday… but something just took over me and i forgot the paper……………………………

Hi guys 

I wish to remember the two people who did not get a chance to experience the moment with us. Prabuddha and Jasmine. Miss you guys.

Good evening to the gathering here. I will not segregate my wishes. Thank you for the farewell get-together and an opportunity to me to speak here, and Congratulations because those who are here are here with all their heart.

Fellas you all look great!!!

The very thought of giving the farewell speech we enticing enough but suddenly I felt I have so much to say and alphabets from a-z. But shall try nonetheless.

I was told not to cry, praise the institute, say the truth and even better not to say anything at all. But we got to draw a line.

I will just say what I feel with all my heart, like I have always done. Do we ever say anything that is shoddy about our home? Do we have so many negative thoughts about something always? Did we ever get a chance to live with 1800 people at a point of time and yet have an identity of our own?? IBS was a choice not a compulsion just like celebrating or frowning. To me,

A dear friend always remarks “the circle completes”, and yes it definitely does. We joined IBS now we are leaving it. We earned grades, we got jobs. We did our part and got the results [though not great always]. God never discriminates in what he gives to us; he knows what we deserve and wants us to make the best use to the opportunity. Some of us did some didn’t.

Let’s just do away with all the not so great memories and the agonies. Carry the beautiful ones in form of friends, sisters, brothers, soul mates and life partners. Come on guys we all got a second chance in life when things went wrong.

We are entering a world in which it will be much harder to measure how we are doing, particularly once we are out of college. We will have to develop an inner compass, and find the courage to run our own race. After this, we will never quite feel at home. In fact, we will always be vaguely searching for the home we are about to leave. But so is life “not fair”.

We have a choice to either wince on the pain or let it go. I have no gyaan either to lend to the coming batches, but I will say one thing for sure “let memories grow on you”.

In the end I will say, thank you for the love, affection and great time I had here.

Thank you for the things I learnt here, for giving me a chance to meet beautiful people and for the job.

Don’t be dismayed by good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.


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