Sorry I’m late :)

dear blog…

i know i am coming to you after a loooong time…but you know me all now. i have been great [at least this is what i want to feel] all this while. a lot of things happened between this and the last post.

1. christmas- we went to church

2. New Year- we went to God….gosh it was mind blowing

3. Academics- man…..the fignt for attendence 😦

4. Cultural evening- the international conference thing happened 😀 and the rest about is history

5. Dhabas- frequent hogging

6. New cousins- i met a few of my cousins for the first time

7. LG’s- was at chacha’s place for the weekend

8. Photo sessions- 🙂

9.  Farewell Letters

10. Nostalgia Revisited

seems a part of the life is practically waiting for me to fade away gradually. its a terrible feeling i must tell you.

will get back to you in sme time soon i promise….till then take care 🙂


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