Death of an artist…..via distrust :(

have you ever come across a time when you feel so let down coz the people you think will not let you down …do so??

today was my first experience when i lost confidence in my 10 yrs of dance training. dance is my heat and soul….its something i cant explain to a layman who thinks its pure sing song and aerobics…..its so much more…

when i am alone…and some song is playing….all i do is visualize how i would emulate the emotions of the singer and the character…..stage is not just a piece of infrastructure for me…i can live on it!! i worship it. to distrust and forget that i am a performer [by people close to me] is a shame to me…

how to straighten a bend in the life??? how to encourage a fading morale??

i am still looking…

 cheers 😦


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