Of the RED and COPPER color and my hair :)

Well yes….i got my hair colored a few days back…to be precise on nov 14, 2007. Before this stunt i was a NO NO to hair color….i completely adore my hair. 😀
On my visit to Calcutta and Jamshedpur i realized my cousins and their cousids had a glam look, there was something about them. It didnt strike me till i asked Rinky didi…it was their hair color. Whoa the awesome browns, blondes, coppers were damn attractive.
lets see what the father of encyclopedia’s got to say about hir coloring-
“Hair Coloring can be permanent or temporary and the lasting effects are determined, in part, by the texture of the individual’s hair. The use of chemical lighteners, such as “Bleach”, is one way hair is lightened or “highlighted.” This type of Hair Coloring is always permanent because it involves the removal of natural pigment, which never returns. Semi-Permanent Hair Color can darken or change the tonal value of the hair, but cannot lighten the hair and can usually be completely washed away after several shampoos. Semi-Permanent hair color is only a deposit of hair color. This hair color is used to darken natural hair color. “Rinses” are a form of temporary hair color that are usually applied to hair during a shampoo. Their effects usually only last until the hair is shampooed or rinsed. Permanent hair color is probably the most-utilized because of its ability to affect the hair in level (lightness or darkness) as well as tone, but it comes with a unique set of potential problems, such as the need to frequently re-apply, unwanted fading and hot roots.”

well this is a verrryyy scientific and practical definition.
let me take you through the process of my Hair coloring….There is a very famous lady at Kolkata Sabina…she did the coloring for all my cousins. And trust me she’s really good at it.
I was given a biiig book of colors to glance through. I had a lot of doubts before getting it done. It was very kind of Sabina to clear all of them. She told me that she loved my hair and i have taken good care of them. 😀
She was more excited of the fact that my hair were untouched {well i took it that way…my be she was happy for the compensation that was on way to her kitty}
She asked me what color appealed my most from a series of pictures. I picked up red….she said thats very brave, you will get a read and a color of my choice….she picked up Copper.
then the tiresome process of blending the two colors in my natiral hair began….phew…its was tiring 😛
After the binding thing, hair wash etc happened..i was shocked to see myself all colorful…it was coz i never imagined to look bad in the first look..but the color took its time to settle…and when i saw it again i was relaxed..and started to love my RED tresses more. 😀
Well it did not end there…….lets go on the financial part…..
i was ripped off by INR 2500 for the coloring and the shampoo Loreal PROFESSIONAL cost me another INR 500. 🙂
I have to keep using that if i want to preserve my hair…
but all Said and Done…color gives a punk feel and a little more confidence.
You get NOTICED…and compimented {provided you pick the right color(s) and take care of your hair}
So…its not that DANGEROUS to color your hair….go and experiment..love your hair 🙂


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