Last night Pramod messaged me a few lines about an organization that had the following issue:

the organization is growing very fast.the CEO is worried about the fact that employees are not ready for the challenges in near future. one particular problem is that employees do not like the ownership and kind of involvement he expects to foster great team spirit. what can be done? think like a CEO.

well in the information i could sieve the following key points and will elaborate thereafter:

1. fast growing organization

2. a methodical CEO

3. near future challenges

4. distrust in the ownership

5. mismatch between the employee readiness to change and CEO’s expectation for change.

the above points give us a more clear picture to think.

the growth cannot be questioned, but looking at the points no 4 and 5 i conclude that the employees are not growing with the organization, its only the financial numbers of the stakeholders that portray the growth. with the kind of facts available i assume that the CEO is not focusing on the Pain of the employees.

the distrust in the ownership is due to the fact that the top management does not include the employees in the decision making. they expect the employees to be the IDEAL employees but fail to meet the employee demands of empathy and empowerment.

the CEO should re-focus on the employees and engage them more fruitfully. he can instruct the HR deptt. to organize informal get together’s so that the management and employees at various levels interact without and barriers of formal communication and the like.

try to align the organization goals to individual goals..

i guess that should do the magic for the CEO and his organization. 🙂



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