Kathak…. :)

 Kathak The Picture here depicts the Singaar Ras….where the dancer adornes jewellery, henna and other beautifying products to please her loved one.

The Jewellry used is necklaces {of Kundan [crystals] or/and pearls}, anklets, tika[for the maang], jhoomar [for the left/right side of the head] and bangles.

the eyes are particularly made huge and attractive so that the expressions are clear and more attractive.  the one principle of make up for any dance is that it should be loud for the audience to make out what the dancer intends to say through face and extensive expressions.

the make up looks intimidating from close but trust my 9 yrs expreience, the louder the make up the more expressive the dancer is on the stage…

so no more making fun of the dancers.. 😛


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