Thumri…we understand it wrong

remember the mesmerising lines sung by madhuri dixit in devdas “Rasiyaa….. Bada Beimaan…”. with perfect expressions….. 🙂

very frankly we all relate thumri to brothels……but as a dancer given a chance i would pick thumri as a choice of music….

its soooo intricate and soulful that one can find melody, music, movement, expression and a story….anyone can dance to a fast beat…..the real challenge is to catch the off-beats of thumri and the play along the mood and story line of thumri….. 😀

i am so excited to write all i know of this dying art…… 😛

wikipedia defines it as-

Thumri (Devnagari: ठुमरी, Nastaliq: ٹھمری) is a common genre of semi classical music from the North. The text is romantic and devotional in nature, and usually revolves around a girl’s love for Krishna. The language is a dialect of hindi called Braj Bhasha. This style is characterized by a greater flexibility with the rag.

At that time it used to be a song sung by courtesans accompanied by dance. That was the bandish ki thumri or bol bant ki thumri.

I hope the idea is clear…how can singing for the Lord be cheap???

let me define the terms in the above definition-

bandish ki thumri is a essentially with a very famous story base…does not involve a lot of feet work…the dancer’s expressions do the magic

bol baant is a dialogue between tabla/pakhawaj/khol and the dancers feet {with ghungroo} the instrument plays a piece and the dancer replies with the feet movements thus producing ghungroo sounds.

God i miss my dance practice days… 😦  the two hours of bliss swept my off my feet. it was divine to dance to the Lord’s tunes and just get lost in the music….do what your heart says…..

lets see when do i get to get back to my passion….hope sometime soooon

cheers 🙂

2 thoughts on “Thumri…we understand it wrong

  1. @ankit…
    im writing bout kathak with 9 yrs of practice and a graduation degree.
    indian classical singing, instruments and dance forms are too inter-related to be differentiated. one is incomplete without other.
    thumri as u said is not a raga its a style of singing and the depiction in form of dance movements. 🙂

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