“best moments”

i got a message from my cousin which read-

Some of the “Best” moments in life….

a. lying on the bed listening to the rain outside

b. thinking about the person you love

c. taking a long drive on a clam road

d. finding money in your old jeans just when you need

e.  giggling naughtily

f. holdong hands with your friend

g. getting a hug from someone you love

h. the moment your eyes are filled with tears after a big laugh

wishing you all these beautiful moments…………………

i was just wondering most of these moments ask for “me” time….time when nothing bothers you, nothing interests you more than your thoughts, pondering endlessly or even staring blankly in air.

i want to add a few more in the list which are my “best”

1. your friends giving you a hug just when you need the most

2. to catch someone’s “blush”

3. the clouds from the airplane window

4. the smell of the mud in first rain

5. the twinkle in the eyes of your loved ones to see you

6. to see kids rip open the gift to see wats the surprise

7. to find just the right color of sock

8. listen to a song that fits the situation right

9. not knowing what to reply when you get what you wanted the most

10. finding the perfect earring

11. blushing at a compliment

12. the feel of being on stage to dance….its irreplaceble for me

i can go on….but will stop here for now…

cheers 🙂

4 thoughts on ““best moments”

  1. loved d msg sent by ur cousin.. to b very frank, had read similar msgs in d past… but what I want to say is I liked ur version n agree to most of d things… I mean they r my fav too… n yeah, there is this one wish I have – wanna see u performin on stage… hope it comes true some day 🙂

  2. add on….

    “Pani-puri” along a group of Old friends…

    Mummy”s lap, when you are just awake in the morning with her warm feeling on your forehead.

    Great marks in an entrance exam, when you so very wanted to get through.

    Dad giving you a pat on the back- “Good Job done Son”/ “I am proud of you!

    Getting to know that you mean a world to Someone!!

    A small cute baby giving a wholehearted smile on seeing you!!

    Getting a cute teddy as a B”day Gift!!

    Dancing madly with ur best buddies whom you have met after Long!!

    And last but not the least………Getting to know- that you got first Job…..the one which has been your dream Job!!

  3. @ su
    thanx girl….wish i can do it for you…..in the way i want…the stage, exclusive music, audience……
    u know its the best part of any art form….. 🙂

    thanx for dropping in…and puting in ur best moments..
    really appreciate them 🙂

    @ purnima…
    awww that was a great one girl… 😀

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