me and my babies…. :)

the above are not just names to be made fun of…

they are a part of my life…in fact most selfless companions ever. it all started when i was one year old and a distant bua of mine got a teddy bear….i named it MOTI….. 🙂

He withstood my joy, my anger, my pain, my first love,my heart-break, exam tension, successful results, my family tiff, been everywhere i went {my travel companion}

he always sung me lullaby’s to put me in deep sleep no matter how the day had been…people call it different names…..a particular harsh one was “you have a deep sexual desire…hence you cuddle your bear and sleep”

this was the meanest statement ever……all i want from the onlookers is to shut up if they cant understand what my stuff toys mean to me…its in-fact an insult for me to call them soft toys in the first place…..

they are my punching bag, my mum when she s not around, they listen to me no matter what, they withstand my anger {its momentary though}, my tears for my loved ones…

my friends and family members know it well. following are the ages of my kids….

1. Moti Senior- 22 yr old {Mridula Bua}

2. Moti Junior- 5 yr old {Ashwini uncle and Neena Bua}

3. Ellu- 2 yr old {Nakul, Rajeev, Sanketh, Mrinalini, Parthiv, Roshni, Purnima, Vinay, Neha}

4. Baby Hobbes- around 7 months old {Me}

5. Sheep the Dog- around 5 months old {Subhadra}

6. Crimson- 2 and a half month old {Raj}

7. Simba- 1 day old….. {Subhadra, Andy and Bhavik}

8. Squeaky

7. Tapori

just think for a while…and i am sure you can come up with something that means a lot to you……for me its my babies… day is complete when i come to my room at the end of the day to see them smiling at me…..its the best part of the day 🙂

cheers 😀


6 thoughts on “me and my babies…. :)

  1. Pallavi…first i wana smile after reading that:-)))))) big one..ok dont tell anyone..but i got a teddy myself..sumone gave it to me….trust me i used to sleep with that near my pillow when i was in grad….made me feel close to her….thought i had a connecteion….as i said in the last comment pallavi…ur “companions” r very lucky…u kn o y they smile every time u cum to your room..cuz they c sumone who loves them, sumone who shares her thoughts with them, sumone who cuddles them, sumone who plays with them…..some might believe that all this is immature or unreal..but i agree with you..there is sumthin in them,,,only a few can c…onli a lucky few..

  2. you know… believe it or not, we all need someone bigger than us. someone in whose presence we can shed all skins and masks and be completely and totally vulnerable. We ALL need someone like this… and you have it in your babies… great kiddo!!! real great!!!

  3. we always look around for some one who can just LISTEN, Listen and do nothing else. we sigh and realise there is none. each one of us seems to be trained to have this database of solutions to every damn issue. but not all issues need a solution. some just need to be heard. we just need an ear. simba,ellu,moti(S&J) in ur case fill the gap. yes you have to be grateful to them always and forever.

  4. It’s impossible to really understand somebody, what they want, what they believe, and not love them the way they love themselves. –Orson Scott Card (in the novel Ender’s Game)

    The post proves that when we call you “mummy”, we aren’t totally wrong at least….and with 6 kids; GOSH you are a good manager 😛

    But I am displeased at one thing…isn’t it injustice to “baby hobbes” & “sheep the dog” to not be included in the title???

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