after reading a great post on “Love” on one of the blogs…..i started to think- “what is love to me?” “what is romance?” “why do we need romance, if we need it at all?” “is love a factory made apparel or a saville row suit?”…its all too complex to understand unless one thinks about it….

to me love is:

my dadi…..for making me what i am today…..[but today i cant share this with her coz she has lost her sense of comprehension]

1. belongingness

2. empathy

3. kindness

4. some one in deep sleep

5. a artistic piece of music…and my passion to turn every word of it into a dance movement.

6. a puppy 🙂

7. a small gesture like…picking up medicine for your companion coz you know he/she was not sounding well on the phone.

8. my father cooking for me…

9. my mom piling up stocks of stuff for my “wedding”

10. my sister for engaging in childlike acts to get attention

11. my brothers[andy and rahul bhaiya] protecting me from the mean world..and making me feel precious

12. my loved one listening to me, not giving up on me, being patient, looking deeply in my eye, making me strong, holding my hand just-like-that, not being judgemental, TRYING to grasp the unsaid, never saying no, infusing a lot of energy in me, loving same things,appreciating the gifts and adorning them, developing taste for different things…..

13. my teachers in lending kind words for me….in their selflessness….

14. my masi and uncle by making me feel worthy of all i achieve…

15. my friends for not letting the kid in me fade….for putting up with my nonsense most of the time.

16. my 22 yr old teddy bear [moti senior] ….my 5yr old teddy bear [Moti junior]…my 1 ye old Elephant [Ellu]

17. my socks collection

etc etc etc etc….

in the end i would say why do we take love as the one with our companion or soulmate….there are many other forms as well…..think once and you will come up with a longer list…. 🙂



5 thoughts on “Love…etc

  1. How nice.. with reference to what u said in my blog..i am a die hard romantic too, but am realizing some of the finer nuances only lately..which is what inspired that post..
    U are good..keep writing 🙂

  2. Pallavi sweetie….loved ur thoughts….i kno its difficult to understand a woman n wat she feels….but i kinda understood all u wanted to say in this article….give my love to simbha…..welcome to the family…hez lucky to be in ur company n being protected by you…lots of love

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