Nov 18, 2006 :(

i very distinctly remember the morning and the day of 18 nov last year….. me and prabhu met for breakfast…. RKHS messwala has made vada sambhar….i dont like them at all…and prabhu used to freak out on them….he loved them… as usual he came late for breakfast…[same reason……he had slept late the previous night] we chatted uselessly…. then i showed him one of the asignments which we were supposed to submit in the coming weeks he was not interested a bit in looking at that…. i had “simba and nala” as wallpaper…he loved it so much that he threatened me to steal me laptop for that……i still refused to give it to him. then he said he would take my fararri jacket instead…..i refused again. then we saw tom and jerry and laughed till out tummies ached…. we them discussed about another common interest…..Ghazals….we verbally revised the lines… we then headed to our respective hostels…he had to go to the hospital to meet DJ and Nitin…. we kept messaging the whole day through where i kept him posted about the events of “Trishna” at college… that evening at 19.47hrs he messaged me that he is leaving for college from the hospital…. who knew he will not come back for good…..???? we all were in the cultural evening….where the seniors panicked to hear about the accident….. i that very moment tries his number endlessly…the number could not be reached…. my head said it was him…but heart was not ready to accept… then i was informed that it was some one from section H…….and i knew it was HIM….


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