Year of grief or……

its very difficult to put in word what is going on in my head….
the year has passed and my frens know i have seen Prabhu in my dreams…he wished me on my birthday…left tears numerous times…
its still a shock which has left some part of me shattered………
the vaccum of his frenship is cannot be made good but i cherish him always deep in my heart.
love u always 🙂


4 thoughts on “Year of grief or……

  1. hi..
    i dnt know mch wht all happnd but it seems prabhu..mst have been our senior who met accident during trishna last year….

    i pray rest and peace for his soul…

    and courage for his family….

    when i was in 3rd sem of engg even one of my flat mate met accident and i still rem d pain i saw whn we all went his home…

  2. well…..all i ask is what causes this grief when we know life is fragile…
    is it pure attachment or affection that makes us sad..or there is a lot more to it??

  3. all i can say and wish is may their souls rest in pece….we all mourn on the tragic incident tht took place on that fateful day

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