Interview Blues2

What are the attributes of an ideal job for you?

here the cliched answer would be the job that gives me satisfaction…..let me try and make it look a little different.  here one can say- “i believe in satisfying the job rather than seek something known as job satisfaction which is more vague than it seems” and knit a good web around the same 😉

What kind of boss would you prefer? 

 well…here i would say…we dont get to choose our parents, relatives and work group so why be damanding and ask for a boss who will fit in my description..its not like asking for a prefect dress at a store. i will rather try to keep myself flexible enough and adapt.

What salary are you expecting? In addition to salary, what benefits would most interest you?

as far as this question goes it would be advised not to stick to a figure per se. effectivly sell ur candidature and let the organization realise the worth of you walking in the organization.

here one can say…. salary and benefits are no doubt an essential element of working, but not the only one on my list. a salary that meets my social, emergency, recurrent and presonal needs shall be attractive enough to keep me going.

Which is more important to you: money or the type of job?

A job in my definition has parts like- culture, kind of work, brand of the organization, compensation, personal and organizational growth and the like. comparing money and profile is not justified as we are comparing something tangible with somthing intangible. still to answer that i will say….work shall give me growth and learning and money shall help me be interested and recognized.

cheers 🙂


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