Interview Blues…here are some tips :)

well….having researched on the topic…and having taken numerous classes for the same its a duty to share it at a platfrom like this..hope i make enough sense and you have all the right to disagree….

there need not be just one ans to the questions….Good Luck People 🙂

1. Tell me about yourself.


this is generally the opening question in most cases….

try and include the following:

name, hometown, educational background, proffessional quali, strengths {no weaknesses please…..let the interviewer ask}, achivement closest to your heart, if u wish…aim in life.

make it as brief as possible..leave some scope for questions arising from ur reply.


2. What would you like me to know about you that is not on your resume?


well here the key is RESUME…..let your resume intrigue the interviewer….it does not imply that you got to make it confusing. the interviewer is merely borrowing time to decide on the next set of questions or testing ur crestivity. the details on the resume are enough for he tests our modesty and integrity. so learn to talk about the stuff “between the lines”.


3. What are the three most important events of your life?


these events can be anything from school to college to prefessional to presonal [no heart breaks please]. the purpose of this question is to check your willingness and ability to learn from the events that take place around u….

try and make sure whatever you mention has some moral or lesson to learn in the end. as far as personal stuff goes…dont get overly-sentimental and show that all the wrong in the world has happend to u….

there is a thin line of differentiation between the sentimental answer and a balanced answer. keep a check.


4.How would your friends describe you?


this is interviewers way of asking us to boast about ourselves. keep it crisp, add adjectives and dont fumble here….its about you add all the feel good stuff you’ve come across…a hint of negative with an edge of positive can be included too….





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