Is there something called Dreams or they are extensions of the mixed feelings of people around us!!! Its definately hard to qualify but some one’s got the contest the thought to propound a new Self-Inspired Theory.

The dreams I am talking here are of the “Future” each one see’s himself/herself in. It can be career wise, growth wise, geography wise or even personal values and space. Dont we all hope for a increasingly rising Learning Curve, a handsome pay package, status, self sufficiency, fulfilment, loving relationships, friends for a life time……I am sure we all do!!

But have we ever thought that all these are a part of a bigger plan….one dream cannot suffice them…series of activities, plans and the like got the be the inputs.

coming to the biggest concern for today…. “Dream Company”???? It’s a very vague term yet so powerful. The word dream adds so much more conviction, determination and worth. But what makes a company be a Dream company? It’s very unclear at times but an important question to be asked to oneself. I dont have a Dream Company or a Dream Job..but i still have ideas about the organization i would love to work in…Can these thoughts be termed as Dreams or they are random ideas that one catches on way to the corporate world through a Management School??

Its all very hazy for me….look out for more.

will end with the following lines from Sex and the City

“I admit it’s tempting to wish for the perfect boss – the perfect parent – or the perfect outfit. But maybe the best any of us can do is not quit, play the hand we’ve been dealt, and accessorize what we’ve got.”

 till then take care



3 thoughts on “Dreams….

  1. Dreams are much more than what you want or wish your future to be. dreams are much more random and too diverse to be classified into some categories. My friend dreamed one night that 4 of us were highway robbers and loaded with lethal weapons, I dreams of my parents and home. I dream of being Schumacher, Beckham and playing a winning knock in the college’s cricket tournament. Hardly a scope for a future anywhere in these.

    I’d like to see dreams as an opportunity for our mind to talk to itself, go on a wild ride and live its life. God knows its hectic when we are awake and the mind is busy controlling the body, with a trillion thoughts running helter-skelter and a lot of stress. Dreams are our mind’s mechanism to unwind and freak out (read that as get back at us for what we do to it during the day)

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