Laid back or ………

“The PLACEMENTS are here”……the most common statement we’ve been dying to hear….

did i confuse u?? well “Its all about MBA honey….” yeah we are the Batch of 2008 from IBS, Hyderabad.

today was the DAY ZERO….and i have applied to zero companies so far…. looking all around me i could see a few happy faces, a few indifferent ones and mannnnyyyyy faces dull and tensed and then there were rare ones like me… “Laid back or…..” see cant even complete the sentence….

Is not letting yourself being bothered or choosing to stand by and watch till the time being you dont get “your kind of” job be termed as “laid back…or brave….or what?”

Seeing some one so passionately persue a goal “read it ONLY ONE GOAL” is mixed for me…its encouraging, scaring and even staggering at times….

can we justify the fact that our priorities change….? {thanx Varun for the insight} Where we born with them or we learnt them on the way?? I strongly feel its the latter…

I hold my priority to be with someone who needs me most for the moment or is it my responsibility?……Is there any difference between the two??? People say I think with my heart…but do they know I choose to do it that way most of the time…because your heart sees what even the open eyes cannot. I refuse to be judged hence i dont discuss. I pour my heart out to people who I know will stand by me…{In a particular phase of life}

It can be anyone…I’ve gone as far as talking to my Soft toys sorry my kids endlessly. Calvin says,”Nothing spreads faster than a bad mood.” I so agree to him, thus i hold back my stuff so that i listen to some one else….Two people in similar situation can only talk not listen..i want to be the listener and make someone’s life a little better.

Coming on to the “placements” i know 2 things i got to do…

1. Have faith

2. Work hard.

There is no third alternative on my list. Gosh i have so many mixed feeling in my head that cant classify them…will get back tomorrow…

happy Job Hunting/Priority Hunting/Whatever…..



6 thoughts on “Laid back or ………

  1. well written….as what u say is something i wud call is taking a certain amount of “risk”. similar situations….laid back…have applied in none…waiting for it to come…coz as time goes by we somehow forget to look at ourselves and start looking at others….what are others doing, what do they want, where have they applied….well…being selfish might help. lets just think…what am i doing, what do i want, where should i apply….things then begin to fall in place not just that…they start falling in the right place….cheerios lady. as i had put up in my chat status one “the biggest risk in life is not taking one!”

  2. hey gr8 work……………just want to add on…. or u can say discuss something u have written

    my point like u mentioned that everyone shud and everyone have priorities in their life….. someone who is feeling that the moment he was waiting from past 1.5 years….tolerating all kinda nonsense is in front of him……..he will be in some pressure……will panic……….because down there he knows that this opportunity is a one time opportunity….

    and the verrrrrrrrrryyyyy rare species like u who are “Laid Back or…” (even i cant complete it) have different target in your mind which when come in front of u… may make u shiver a bit …..

    thats why in such situations a force called friends is very useful….. 🙂


  3. nice one hell lot of frustration on the faces but on other side happier moment that our friends are getting placed. time starts for gala parties..
    all the best 2 u & for me too.

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